Lindsay Lohan: Falling Off The Wagon?

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Lindsay Lohan's sobriety seems to be in jeopardy as she parties around Europe.

She is there working on her new project, a play called Speed the Plow. However, Lindsay Lohan has been photographed all over the place falling in public and looking like the mess that she claimed was in her past.

Her friends back home, that kept her sober with support and words of encouragement, are now seriously worried about Lindsay Lohan. One source said that no one can get ahold of the troubled starlet.

"Lindsay has abandoned her friends and her sober community. She has stopped responding to our texts and calls and is basically ignoring everyone now. She’s getting the texts because they show up as read; she’s just not answering," they said of Lindsay Lohan.

"Some of these people have been friends with her for more than a decade. There is nothing anyone can do, until she answers.”

Now Lindsay Lohan is reportedly missing rehearsals for Speed the Plow, putting her expected comeback in danger of becoming just another link in the Lindsay Lohan crazy chain of failure.

“The sad part is that there is nothing anyone back home can do and we are all worried for her,” the source said of Lindsay Lohan. “She’s pulled a geographic thinking that it would help her and all it has done is put her sobriety in jeopardy.”

“We all care about her [Lindsay Lohan] and want the best for her, but there is nothing anyone can do," the source added.

It seems like Lindsay Lohan is burning some pretty serious bridges back home if she really is ignoring her friends' calls. It would be so incredibly careless to mess up this chance at a comeback, because you know she won't get another.

Hopefully Lindsay Lohan can pull herself together before it's too late!

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