Lindsay Lohan: Disturbing Video Shows Her Many Faces

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Once a bright, witty, precocious redhead with a big career ahead of her, Lindsey Lohan charmed audiences of all ages at the tender age of 11 with the Disney remake of "The Parent Trap". She had energy, she had talent, and she had the drive to make it as a child actress. As she got older, the roles got a bit more edgy and she proved she could make audiences laugh in films like the Tina Fey-penned "Mean Girls".

But sadly, like so many before her, Lohan let the dark side of Hollywood take her in its clutches and nearly succumbed to it with two DUI arrests and several trips to rehab, along with a recent hit-and-run accusation, among other things. Her career began to take a backseat to her personal life and embarrassing photos--and videos--of the star began to make rounds on the web. At 25, Lohan looks as though she's lived a hard life, with every embarrassment and tabloid headline written on her prematurely aged face.

A video that has gone viral shows us just how much she's changed over the years, and the result is a bit disturbing. We see her change from young, starry-eyed girl to jaded and faded woman in the course of just about a minute.

The actress is apparently intent on doing damage control on her career, however, and is expected to appear in an upcoming episode of Fox's hit show "Glee".

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