Lily Allen: Showing Skin On Stage and Off

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English recording artist Lily Allen has taken to showing off her scantily-clad figure lately, whether it be on stage or online.

The 28-year old mother of two posted a near-naked picture of herself on Instagram on Saturday. The photo was taken by a friend as she was getting dressed backstage. The only things that shielded her "business" from public view were her long dark strands of hair and her laptop.

The post read: "Warming up in my pants, luckily @panosphair is there to document these dressing room moments."

Some followers were offended by the shot, saying that if Allen is going to post obscene pictures, she should use Facebook instead of Instagram since many children use the photo-sharing site. Other fans defended her, writing, "As a mum of 2 myself I think you look amazing & should be proud of yourself & all the hard work it took to get your figure back."

Allen also posted an Instagram picture on Saturday evening wearing a skin-tight black cat suit.

Allen has previously suffered from depression following a miscarriage and then a stillbirth. After giving birth to her second daughter, Marnie Rose, in 2013, tabloid writer Katie Hopkins made comments on Twitter regarding the singer's weight gain. In February of this year, Allen began posting pictures via the social networking site of her 3-stone weight loss victories.

"After tragically losing a child so late in my pregnancy I may have gained a few pounds, I am one of the many that find comfort in food," she wrote, and posted a picture of herself in a tight black dress with the caption, "Just going to the shop, want anything Katie?"

She later apologized to her fans, writing, "Sorry about that, but my babies are a touchy subject and I gave her exactly what she wanted by responding. I am going to delete it all."

But it's not just photos that are revealing Allen's weight loss. She recently appeared at a children's charity event where she performed in a sheer top with only strategically placed jewels and nude pasties to cover her up. However, it was her full intention to flash some side boob to those in attendance.

This wouldn't be the first time Allen, the daughter of comedian Keith Allen, has been in the middle of media controversy. Early in her career she was known to make disparaging comments about other musicians such as Amy Winehouse and Katy Perry. She later apologized saying, "I felt like 'Oh God, I'm short, fat, ugly and I hate all these people who flaunt their beauty.'"

Allen also was accused of racism after writing, "I hate it when black cab drivers spend the entire journey on the phone. I WANTED A CHAT!" However, she later explained that it was a misunderstanding because in Britain and Europe taxicabs are painted black, thus called "black cabs."

Allen is married to decorator Sam Cooper. Her brother is Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy on the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.

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