Lil Boosie Talks Race Relations, Drugs And Prison


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Lil' Boosie hasn't been very vocal since his highly publicized release from prison back in March.

However, he recently opened up about several controversial issues when he stopped by NiteCap for an intricate discussion with Peter Bailey. Race relations, drugs and prison were dominant points during the interview, reports BET.

During their discussion about race relations the 31-year-old rapper openly shared his opinion of the African-American community. He personally feels African American is the "worst race in the world."

The "Better Believe It" rapper also explained why he feels that way. "I just feel like African-American is the worst race in the world because first of all we kill each other,” explained Boosie.

“People always talking all this racist stuff but the white man ain’t waiting in your bushes with a chopper [gun], the white man ain’t tryna take rims off your car. we doing this to each other. So how can you say ‘F' the white man?’" he said.

"He ain’t doing nothing but – when you get in trouble – doing his job. He ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

Bailey then moved on to the topic of drugs. He asked the Superbad rapper if he felt the system was intentionally structured so African Americans would "destroy" themselves. He revealed that's exactly how he feels.

“You don’t see Italians selling keys or dime rocks on they block so they people can get strung out ... but we got a picture of Scarface, John Gotti, we got all these pictures. But, they know we gon’ kill our race.”

He also slammed the rappers who tend to glorify prison in their music to promote their image. He definitely made it clear that there's nothing "cool" about being behind bars.

"They hear 'Free Boosie' and see me come home after what I came home in and a lot of people glorified it, and that's the total wrong thing to do," he said.