Licho Escamilla: Texas Man Guilty of 2001 Police Killing Executed


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Licho Escamilla, a Texas man who shot and killed a Dallas police officer in 2001, was executed on Wednesday.

He was 33.

Escamilla shot Officer Christopher Kevin James in November of 2011, as James was attempting to break up a fight he was involved in. Escamilla was already wanted for another murder.

A particularly brutal crime, CBS News has more of the story:

James and three other uniformed officers were working off-duty when the brawl started. Escamilla pulled out a gun and opened fire on the officers as they tried to end the fight.

The bullets from his 9 mm semi-automatic handgun struck James twice, knocking him to the ground. Escamilla then calmly walked up to the officer and fired three more shots into the back of his head before running and exchanging shots with other officers, witnesses said. A second officer wounded in the shootout survived.

A wounded Escamilla was arrested as he tried to carjack a truck.

His last words were "Pope Francis, God's children has asked the state of Texas to switch my death sentence to life in prison," he said. "But the state of Texas has refused to listen to God's children. They will have to take that up with God."

He also reportedly turned to James' daughter and said "God bless your heart."

This is Texas' 12th execution of the year. It's the 24th overall in the US.