Liam Neeson Saves Dog From Teenagers In Central Park

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Liam Neeson turned into a real-life superhero when he saved a dog from a group of teenagers. The Taken actor was jogging in Central Park when he heard a woman calling for help and shouting at some boys who were said to be stoning a stray dog to death.

An eyewitness said that Neeson changed his direction and immediately charged towards the three teenagers who had cornered the dog against a garbage bin. The dog was in pain and was clearly terrified of the punks who were hurting him. The 61-year-old actor then confronted the thugs and told them to stop what they were doing or else he would beat the crap out of them.

Neeson and his threat did not intimidate the boys, and they told him to mind his own business. The boys then continued to hurt the dog. Again, the actor warned the boys to “back off – or else!”

After the second warning, one of the boys said, “Yeah, okay man. We’re out of here” and they retreated and left the scene quickly. The actor thought that he scared the boys with his threats and stern demeanor. However, it was not Neeson’s heroic act that made the boys scurry away. Instead, they were scared by the sight of a cop who was approaching the scene from behind Neeson.

Neeson shook his head in disappointment and slowly approached the scared dog to stroke it while the cop tended to its injuries. The cop then thanked the actor and said, “I’ll take it from here, sir.”

The actor is said to have been offered the amount of $20 million to come back and reprise his character as the protective father, Bryan Mills. on the third installment of the action film Taken, which is reported to hit theaters in 2015. Production is scheduled to start this month.

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