Levi Johnston, Ex of Bristol Palin, Expecting Third Child

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And here comes baby number three!

Levi Johnston, infamous for impregnating Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter back in 2008, is expecting his third child. The baby is his second with 21-year old wife Sunny Oglesby-Johnston, whom he has been married to for nearly two years. The 24-year-old’s first child with Bristol Palin, Tripp Easton Mitchell, was born in December 2008.

The couple broke the news to their family and friends by sending them a photo showing the two of them eating spaghetti with a “we’re” sign taped to a jar of Prego sauce. Sources close to the couple mentioned that the pregnancy is still in its early stages, but say the couple is very happy, and they are looking forward to adding another member to their family. The couple also mentioned that they are planning to have even more children in the future.

Johnston and Oglesby wed in Alaska in October 2012, just a mere six weeks after she gave birth to their daughter Breeze Beretta. The family currently resides in Wasilla, Alaska.

Back in 2013, Johnston filed for a petition to get equal custody of his son Tripp. However, Palin claimed in court that her ex-fiancé owed her $66,000 in child support payments. Text messages exchanged between the two were detailed in the court documents. The messages stated that Levi was preventing Bristol from travelling outside of Alaska, and that he tried to stop her from doing “whatever she wants.”

One of the messages read: “Go ahead and ask him if he want to stay with dad or go with u. Bet he says dad. Just saying Bristol. Tripps old enough to tell u what he wants now.”

Johnston and Palin had already agreed on a stipulation for child custody back in August 2010, allowing Johnston to be with his son during Wednesdays and Saturdays, but the court never approved the request.

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