LeVar Burton Takes Kids on a Tweeting Rainbow Adventure

Josh WolfordLife

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With apologies to Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel has the best Twitter-themed bits on late night. And with apologies to Reading Rainbow, I'm pretty sure that I'm more interested in watching LeVar Burton host Tweeting Rainbow. Maybe we can just start another Kickstarter?

Imagine, LeVar Burton teaching kids the ins and outs of Twitter – from retweets to subtweets, from favoriting to blocking. I'd watch as LeVar showed how Twitter can ruin careers, and jumpstart others. How people can say the darndest things, and how you should never, ever, ever, go full Donald Trump. That's lesson number one, kiddos.

Kids, do you know what Snoop meant when he tweeted 'Put ya face in tha mayo'?

Take a look, your tweet's been mistook, a tweeting rainbow.

Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube

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