Letizia Ortiz Set To Be Queen Of Spain

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Letizia Ortiz, the fashionable royal princess of Spain, will soon be the queen. The announcement of King Juan Carlos' abdication after ruling the country for 39 years named his son, Prince Felipe de Borbon, as his successor.

Princess Letizia has become almost as talked about as the Dutchess of Cambridge and has been compared to the glamorous British royal on numerous occasions for their similar taste in fashion and their poise.

However, Letizia and Felipe, 41 and 48 respectively, are ahead of the game in family life. The couple have two daughters, Leonor, 9 and Sofia, 7.

The princess has become a fashion icon in her country and around the world and is admired for her impeccable style and grace, as well as her slim and elegant figure. But, Princess Letizia has also proven that she is a normal person just like anyone else.

She shops at the supermarket for herself and walks her kids to school almost everyday. Also, this princess has a past. Before she wed Prince Felipe in 2004 in a lavish royal ceremony, she was a very accomplished journalist. She had recently become a high profile TV anchor who had covered the Iraq War and reported from Ground Zero before she gave it all up to marry Felipe de Bourbon in 2004.

The princess has made a few controversial headlines for herself. In 2008, she had surgery on her nose supposedly to fix a breathing problem. Afterward, her nose was noticeably shorter and more straight. Also, a cousin of her's wrote a tell-all on the princess' family in which he said that Letizia Ortiz had an abortion during her months-long first marriage to writer and high school literature teacher Alonso Guerrero Pérez.

This cousin states that he was secretly asked by the prince and princess to find any paperwork on her abortion and to destroy it.

Scandal aside, this stunning princess will no doubt do the throne proud.

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