Leonardo DiCaprio's Dad Might Be The Coolest Dad Ever


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Ever wonder what Leonardo DiCaprio's dad - George DiCaprio - looks like? Wonder no more:


Doesn't he look awesome? It's not just the looks either. Leo's dad is also a comic book author and distributor. Now, he doesn't work on any major releases. He works in the underground comic scene on series like Baloney Moccasins and Greaser Comics.

Fun fact - George DiCaprio is credited with giving Leonardo DiCaprio his name. The story goes that the unborn Leo began to kick in his mother's stomach as George and his mother -
Irmelin Indenbirken - were admiring a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci at an art gallery.

Leo's parents split shortly after he was born, but he still remains close to them both. He even hangs out with his father at many events. Most recently, he was spotted at the premier of Leo's new film - The Great Gatsby.

[h/t: OMG]