Leonardo DiCaprio Relives His Titanic Days On SNL


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Jonah Hill guest starred on Saturday Night Live for the third time last night, but Leonardo DiCaprio stole the show.

In his opening monologue, Hill suddenly gets bombarded by fake questions from the SNL cast members, all of them about DiCaprio. SNL star Taran Killam even impersonates Brad Pitt to congratulate his former Money Ball co-star on his career success. Then he also asks about working with DiCaprio.

A frustrated Hill finally decides to tell the audience the truth about DiCaprio getting his Wolf of Wall Street role. He claims that he wasn’t supposed to be in the movie, but Hill called “Marty” (Martin Scorsese) to tell him he was ready for them to work together. Then Hill said, “Should we get DiCaprio on board?” But Scorsese wasn’t so receptive, according to Hill, because DiCaprio wasn’t a “real actor.”  Then DiCaprio surprises the audience by appearing next to him.

Hill then acts really flustered by the surprise. DiCaprio then questions Hill about what he is doing. He states that he was trying to tell the audience about DiCaprio’s “baller” acting  skills. Next DiCaprio reveals that he’d been waiting backstage the whole time to support Hill. Hill claims the acoustics must have been messed up because he clearly heard him wrong. He starts to ramble, but DiCaprio just tells him to be honest. Hill sheepishly admits he was “being a big shot.” DiCaprio tells him to remember to be humble because he’s a real actor now.

The video concludes with Hill asking DiCaprio if they can do what they did while on the set of Wolf of Wall-Street. Hill then takes on the role of Rose (formerly played by Kate Winslet) as DiCaprio reprises his role as Jack. They shortly reenact the scene where Rose stands on the end of the ship while Jack holds her, one of the most iconic scenes from Titanic.

The whole monologue is one of the funniest SNL has done in a while, and both Hill and DiCaprio really commit to it. We’re not sure if Hill or DiCaprio will win their Oscars this year, but they both just won our hearts.

Image Via Hulu