Leonard Nimoy's Funeral: William Shatner Under Fire for Not Attending

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Leonard Nimoy's funeral was held on Sunday, with William Shatner noticeably absent. Shatner--known for his role as Captain Kirk alongside Leonard Nimoy's Mr. Spock in Star Trek--made it clear ahead of time he wouldn't be able to attend. On Saturday, Shatner tweeted his followers, saying he was in Florida doing charity work for the Red Cross, and wouldn't be able to make it to L.A. in time for Sunday's funeral.

Since that post, William Shatner has come under a great deal of fire for not attending Leonard Nimoy's funeral.

The New York Daily News even dissed the 83-year-old by running a front page headline, calling him 'Captain Jerk.'

William Shatner was bothered by the headline, and urged Twitter followers to talk about it, and about Leonard Nimoy, too.

At noon on Sunday, William Shatner hosted a Twitter conversation about Leonard Nimoy, and the time the two men spent together on Star Trek--as well as some fun they had behind the scenes, too. He made it very clear that both of his daughters would be attending Leonard Nimoy's funeral in his absence.

Some people joined the NY Post in calling Shatner a 'jerk' and insisting that he could have found a flight to L.A. following Saturday night's fundraiser, but that didn't stop him from fielding lots of legitimate questions about his dear friend via Twitter.

Can you believe that 'fans' of a TV show and movie--as well as its stars--have nothing better to do than to insult an 83-year-old man for not making it to Leonard Nimoy's funeral? It seems so bizarre that people put such emphasis on the dead and so little thought toward those who are living.

Do they really expect that Leonard Nimoy's funeral was less of a celebration of his life because William Shatner wasn't there?

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