Lennox Little League Receives Help from Stripper Angels

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Lennox Little League (LLLL) was in financial doom until stripper angels made a surprise donation. Jet Strip gentleman's club donated $1,200 to keep Lennox a registered league.

Adult Entertainment venues are always trying to improve their standing in the community by giving donations to children's organizations. It would come as no surprise if the club got more money from the league's little pee-weed fathers than it gave back but others are applauding the outfit's generosity.

While some snicker at how low parents and the school board are willing to go to get their little guys on the field, the fact remains that without these g-string divas the league may not be getting the attention that it is currently.

And unlike the players from the 2005 movie remake "The Bad News Bears," these little guys will not be wearing the logo from their strip club sponsor.

But this small donation is not enough to keep this league out of trouble: "To purchase the materials, the league is going to have to raise $65,000. That's a tall order in an urban town so impoverished that the league offers a payment plan so families can afford the annual $85 per-player fee." LLL is located in a shady part of L.A. and lacks the funding to truly operate. The beginning of the season kickoff used to include rock music, hot food, an jump houses but this year there were only a few inflated balloons tied to a fence and a first pitch.

Other funding streams like selling grilled and greasy hamburgers ran dry after they were voted down by the school board. Now the league is restricted to selling packaged goods.

So let me get this straight, to advance health concerns, the school board shot down the sale of hotdogs and hamburgers but accepted donations from a strip club?

School administrators failed to comment but they might strike a compromise that would re-open the snack shack. YouthBuild has offered to build the snack shack for free which would enable the LLL to sell hot foods once more.

Hopefully more appropriate sponsors come to the plate.

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