Lena Headey Gets Naked for Game of Thrones $200,000 Scene

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Fans of the HBO Game of Thrones series are easily divided into three camps:

- Those who have read the books
- Those who have not read the books, but read anything regardless of spoiler possibilities
- Those who don’t want to know anything about what is coming

If you find yourself in the third camp, avert your eyes now — potential spoilers ahead.

In the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, there will be a scene where Cersei Lannister walks buck naked through town.

Why is that such a shocker? Isn’t this the same woman who was caught knowing her own brother in the biblical sense, and we learned has done so for some time?

Well, it’s the circumstances of Cersei’s exhibitionism that are most interesting, not the Godiva trip itself. Let’s just say that, if the series sticks to the books, Cersei will not only be bare-bottomed, but have her head shaved.

Whether HBO will stick to the book storyline or not remains to be seen, but we do have reports that actress Lena Headey, who portrays Cersei Lannister, did indeed do a nude scene for Game of Thrones that involved her walking out of a church and through the town. And that scene ended up costing $200,000 due to all the extra security involved.

It also seems that there was a bit of difficulty getting approval for filming the scene in the Dubrovnik, Croatia location. The Church of St. Nicholas would only allow the location to be used if Headey did not disrobe in the church itself. So a fake religious set was built for that part.

The details of the scene so far certainly sound like the official storyline.

Tune in to Game of Thrones for the upcoming season to see what leads up to Cersei’s humiliating parade. The series starts back up in 2015.

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