LEGO + Portal = Shut Up And Take My Money

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I love LEGO. I love Portal. What if there was a way to combine my love for two equally awesome things into a single property of epic proportions? Good thing LEGO Cuusoo exists to make my dreams a reality.

If you aren't familiar with LEGO Cuusoo, here's the short version: It's a Web site where fans can propose new LEGO sets. After it reaches the set amount of votes, the LEGO company looks into making the set a reality. It has already worked for an amazing LEGO Minecraft set, and now the fans are attempting to get a Portal set made.

The idea was proposed on June 28 and it already has an amazing 3,149 backers for the project. The team behind the design has proposed three initial LEGO sets based on various scenes from the first Portal game. They include GLaDOS' chamber, a testing room and a LEGO board game. It's actually a pretty amazing project and it deserves your votes.

LEGO Portal

While there is no guarantee that the set will get made if it reaches the requisite number of votes, I say it has a better chance than most. Valve loves to make quality merchandise of its properties (life-size replicas of the Portal Gun and turrets, anyone?) and a LEGO set would be one more step on its way to global domination of the toy market. So, if you have a heart, cast your vote over at the LEGO Cuusoo page.

LEGO Portal

While you're at it, you can cast a vote for these equally deserving projects: Castle Crashers, League of Legends, and Doctor Who. With your help, we can make sure that the world get the LEGO sets that deserve to be made.

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