LEGO Lord of the Rings Launch Day and Trailer Arrive


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Military shooter fans will certainly make this week in gaming their own. Call of Duty: Black Ops II will certainly sell millions of copies and cause plenty of lost work, but those gamers who don't go in for shooting their fellow gamers in the face with guns also have a different opportunity today. The opportunity to once again embark on one of the most enjoyable and OCD-inducing experiences to be had in games. A new LEGO video game is out.

Today, gamers in North America get the chance to set of on Frodo's great adventure with LEGO Lord of the Rings. The game is now out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. European gamers can look forward to beginning their journey across Middle Earth on November 23. A demo for the PC version of the game is now available on the LEGO website, featuring the Battle of the Hornburg (also known as the Battle of Helm's Deep).

LEGO Lord of the Rings features the same drop-in, drop-out multiplayer gameplay that is seen in other LEGO titles. The game will also feature voice acting for all of the characters, something that the LEGO games began doing with LEGO Batman 2. The voice acting does cause the games to lose a bit of the charm in seeing characters mime historic movie moments, but seeing Gandalf rebuke the Balrog in the launch trailer below certainly holds a charm of its own.