Doris Day, Legendary Actress, Turns 90

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American actress Doris Day celebrated her 90th birthday on April 3. “I've had an amazing life and wonderful times. And I'm happy,” the actress said in an interview with Closer magazine. The actress’ vintage photo is featured on this month’s magazine cover.

Day, born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, had always dreamed of being a dancer. However, she had a car accident in 1937 wherein she injured her legs. While recovering from her accident, she was singing along to a song on the radio and found out that she had a talent for singing. Her mother then enrolled her in singing lessons.

Her career began when she became a big band singer in 1939. She eventually landed a partnership with Columbia Records and went on to record over 600 songs with them, making her one of the most popular singers of the 20th century. After her contract ended, she was persuaded to audition for Hungarian American film director Michael Curtiz, and she landed the lead role for the movie Romance on the High Seas.

Day has appeared in 39 movies and is one of the top-ranking female box-office stars of all time. She has received numerous acting awards in her career, and though she never won an Oscar, she was nominated for her role in Pillow Talk, featuring co-star Rock Hudson.

'Pillow Talk'

In the interview with Closer magazine, Day discussed how it was always her dream to get married, have kids, and cook. “And even though I did all these things, I still ended up in Hollywood.”

Day retired in 1973, but up until now, she is still being offered roles for various projects. “Every once in a while I think about working again, but they don't make the kind of movies I made anymore! It’s a different world,” she said.

Day is an animal-lover and spends much of her time caring for animals. She founded the Doris Day Animal Foundation and the Doris Day Animal League. For her birthday, she is planning to host a fashion show for rescued dogs in order to help them find homes.

The actress said that although she feels some aches and pains with her age, she still feels “blessed with good health.”

Doris Day Through The Years

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