Lebron James Victimizes Ben McLemore With Aggressive Dunk [Video]


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Lebron James has gained quite the reputation in the NBA as one of the best players. He has had his fair share of outstanding and legendary dunks, but one that he recorded recently against a member of the Sacramento Kings is worth adding to the record books.

The all-star forward for the Miami Heat completely posterized Ben McLemore and made him a victim to another amazing play in Lebron James' history as a player.

James took off from the floor on one of the most impressive dunks of the NBA, and what followed would embarrass anyone who got in his way.

Sadly, Ben McLemore is only a rookie, and what a way to be introduced to the league, and playing against Lebron James than being crushed in a dunk like that.

With less than five minutes to go in the first quarter, and the Heat leading 21-19, James used a screen from Mario Chalmers in order to turn the corner on Derrick Williams and attack the paint. The Heat won the game with a final score of 122-103 on Friday night.

As he saw this happening, Ben McLemore tried to move toward Lebron James and take the charge, but anyone who has ever tried to do that to him should know that it is not going to end well. What was he thinking? McLemore is a rookie out of Kansas, and was introduced to Lebron James in a very dramatic fashion on Friday night.

James admitted that he felt bad that it was McLemore falling victim to his vicious dunk, and said after the game "It sucks that it's him because I like him. I knew I could get to the launching pad."

On the play, James’ thigh was connecting with McLemore’s shoulder, and sending the rookie to the ground. The dunk certainly qualifies for his personal dunk of the year, and he joins a growing list of people who will compete for such a thing, including Jeff Green of the Celtics, Xavier Henry of the Lakers, and Victor Oladipo of the Magic.

Relive Lebron James' outrageous dunk over and over with this amazing gif.


Images via Youtube and Heat.com