LeBron James Partied With LMFAO After Winning His Ring


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Of course he did. I mean, what else is there to do in South Beach after bringing Miami another championship ring? Party with a throwaway party-rap collective that owes much of their success to a healthy dose of nepotism. No offense if party rap is your thing, but I can't say I'm surprised by LeBron's choice of post-championship celebration. It's fitting, really, as is LeBron's t-shirt of himself as a vampire.

Here's a great look at the t-shirt in question, courtesy of WorldRedEye.com:


No word if the LeBron vampire sparkles, ala Stephanie Meyer or if his version remains true to the vampire legend. Considering his love of The Hunger Games series, it wouldn't surprise me if the LeBron vampire sparkled while trying to chase down Kristen Stewart's Bella.

Anyway, after winning a title, it was time for LeBron to get his swerve on, Miami-style. What better way to do that than partying it up with LMFAO?

While the celebration is understood, in whatever way he wanted to do it, mind you, it hasn't stopped some hate from showing up, especially in the YouTube comments. Some NSFW language is on the way:

Don't these dickbags have families they should be celebrating with?


And now, we're playing the feud:

worked hard = quitting on your team go to something easier. yeah youre right.


No matter what he does, LeBron will never be able to win everyone over. Some, however, took issue with the t-shirt:

dude is wearing a shirt of himself. really?


But some came to LeBron's defense

I hate the Heat with a passion, but you need to get off they dick. The worked hard to get that chip, let them fucking celebrate and have fun



Jordan was partying to Ll Cool j when he got his rings, it just wasnt no youtube back in the day- Stop hating!


So much for sports being a uniting force.