LeBron James Makes a Music Video, Sports a Black Mask in Return to Heat

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Miami Heat star LeBron James has had a busy week. Not only did the forward appear in a hilarious music video with The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon, James also returned to the court last night after sitting out for a week with a broken nose.

After teaming up with First Lady Michelle Obama to videobomb a PSA last month, James worked with Fallon to deliver some laughs in Wastepaper Basketball. Aside from showing off some decent rap skills, James gave office workers around the world a few new moves to try when they play wastepaper basketball.

Check out the Wastepaper Basketball video below.

In other LeBron James news, after sitting out for a week due to breaking his nose, James returned to the court last night and led the Heat to a 108-82 victory over the New York Knicks. Amazingly, James's 31 points hasn't offered nearly as much to talk about as the big man's new face mask. James wore a black protective mask last night, and from the looks of it, James's intimidation factor was probably at an all-time high.

Thanks to some of James's hilarious on-the-court and off-the-court antics, it's hard to imagine him as anything other than a joker, but the new look prompted James make a Dark Knight comparison.

Check out a picture of the mask James posted to Instagram below.

"It went with the uniform," James said of the protective mask. "I knew we were wearing throwback uniforms. I was able to get a carbon-fiber one, which is actually lighter than the one I had been wearing in practice. It came through at the last minute, so I went with it."

As much fun as it is to joke around about the mask, James did note that it hindered his play a little. "A couple of times it was [a problem]," James said. "A couple of times, I kept seeing inside the mask sometimes before I could see a player. But for the most part, I was able to get into a good comfort zone and make some plays."

Even though the mask was problematic a few times, you wouldn't know it from the stats. Heat teammate Chris Bosh was also quick to offer up props--and make a Dark Knight comparison--after the game. "I think he played like Batman out there," Bosh said. "I think it really helped him out. He played great."

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