LeAnn Rimes Hurts Her Jaw During Show, Unable To Perform Encore


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It is not often that a musician will injure themselves during a concert, but LeAnn Rimes fell victim to a jaw injury following her show last night.

While she has likely giving her fans some jaw-dropping performances throughout her career, last night her jaw popped out of place as the concert concluded. Rimes was forced to leave the stage, and was unable to deliver an encore to her fans following the incident.

LeAnn Rimes has struggled with TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder, and has made her fans aware of her condition prior to this show. However, she has never been forced to leave the stage due to her condition before.

Fans were predictably disappointed when they did not see her return after leaving the stage, but she cleared things up over twitter, and made sure that everyone knew that it was not by choice, and let everyone know what was wrong.

Last October, she was forced to cancel tour dates due to the condition, and even proceeded to sue the dentist who had given her bad treatment, forcing her career to suffer as a result.

The singer must have been truly belting out the notes to cause something like this to happen while on stage, and her jaw actually popped out of place, which prevented her from playing the encore.

LeAnn Rimes apologized to all of her disappointed fans in Oklahoma immediately afterward, but was not able to continue. She had just performed for her fans at ACL-Live at The Moody Theater in Austin, Texas on the previous night.

Throughout the performance, Rimes was clearly doing her best to give her fans all that she is capable of, and gave a high-energy performance that included waving her arms around, and using all of her strength to belt out the tunes.

LeAnn Rimes released her last album in 2013, but is perhaps most well-known for her hit song "Can't Fight The Moonlight," a song that was used prominently in the film Coyote Ugly, which also featured an acting performance from the country singer.

Image via Twitter