Leaked Android Version of Flipboard Now Available

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The Android version of the Flipboard app, a stylish, popular newsreader app, was supposed to launch exclusively with Samsung's new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. Holding out for exclusives isn't exactly the way of things for the Android modding community, though. This morning at the xda developers forums, in the Android Development and Hacking sub-forum for Android apps and games, a user named Valcho posted the .apk file for the Flipboard Android app. How was the exclusive app leaked so early? Quite easily according to Valcho:

It's simple, I just had a Galaxy S III lying around and I extracted the .apk using AirDroid. So, there you go.

The app can be donloaded from the xda link here, then transferred to an Android phone for installation. Alternatively, it can be downloaded directly to an Android phone using the QR code below.

Flipboard for Android QR code

To use the app, users will need a Flipboard account. Luckily, user nutmegy at the xda developer forums has figured that part out as well. First, ignore the account login seen when starting the app for the first time, then press the red ribbon in the top-right corner of the app. Press accounts, and sign up for Flipboard.

Many users on the forums were also requesting Samsung's S Voice software, but Valcho stated that he or she no longer had to the Galaxy S III phone. S Voice is Samsung's answer to Apple's Siri voice command software.

Go ahead and try out Flipboard for Android and leave a comment below to give other Android users your take on the app.

(xdadevelopers forum via ubergizmo)