Leah Messer To Be Latest "Teen Mom" Divorce

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Leah Messer's relationship with her husband, Jeremy Calvert, is officially over.

Leah Messer was reportedly served divorce papers on Tuesday.

It was in a Smith's parking lot in Elkview, West Virginia that Leah Messer got the bad news via a process server.

Jeremy Calvert filed for divorce from Leah Messer in Roane County, West Virginia, where the couple lived together.

A source told In Touch of Leah Messer, “When she was delivered the papers, she thought the process server was there for her autograph.”

I miss this. I miss you.

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The source said that she was even excited. But, Leah Messer was devastated when she learned why the process server was really there.

The source continued, “When she realized why she was being approached, her mood totally turned around. She was clearly pissed.”

That is a complete bummer.

Nothing could compare to the love I have for my babies #AAASisters

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But, to add insult to injury, Leah Messer will also be headed to rehab to deal with her addiction to painkillers.

Leah Messer doesn't want to call it what it is, but at least she's getting some much-needed help.

My Faith #AdalynnFaith

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"She won’t say she has a drug problem or needs rehab,” a source said.

The source added, “She’s saying she’s going to go away to a ‘therapy intervention’ place for three or four weeks so she can find herself and help herself be a better person.”

Another source said of Leah Messer, "She has a problem and knows she has no other choice than to go to rehab immediately."

Hopefully Leah Messer can get her life together for her three daughters, five-year-old twins, Aliannah and Aleeah, from a previous marriage, and two-year-old Adalynn from her marriage with Jeremy.

What do you think? Do you think the divorce papers were the wake-up call that Leah Messer needed to get some help?

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