Lea Michele Only Has Happy Memories of Cory

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Popular Glee actress Lea Michele does not want her late boyfriend, Cory Monteith, to be defined by the addiction that ultimately claimed his life. In a recent interview with Seventeen magazine, Michele spoke about Cory's unique ability to make her feel special.

“I only have happy memories of Cory. He was not his addiction – unfortunately, it won. But that wasn’t who he was. Cory made me feel like a queen every day. From the minute he said, ‘I’m your boyfriend,’ I loved every day, and I thank him for being the best boyfriend and making me feel so beautiful,” Michele shared.

In the aftermath of the public heartbreak and devastation at losing 31-year-old Monteith, Michele has thrown herself into her work. The talented singer has just released an album composed of tracks to honor her late boyfriend. Michele spoke with a representative from Seventeen prior to the album's release where she explained the desire to continue her own unique journey while still keeping the memory of Cory alive.

“My album is coming out on March 4th—which is bizarre, like it's meant to be. Just think about it: we're going to "March fo(u)rth." We're going to march forth like a Cannonball. I try my best to march forth and live my life as best as I can for me. I also feel an incredible, happy responsibility to keep the memory and light of [Cory, who] was the most amazing person. I’m so happy to make it my journey now to continue on and live my life as best as I can,” Michele said.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy of Mike Ownby

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