Lea Michele: New Man, New Book, New Show

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Lea Michele has been a very busy girl lately! The gorgeous Glee star has started working on her second book, which takes up a lot of time.

Her first book, Brunette Ambition, and its popularity has surely sparked the creative side of her again!

Michele is also playing a new role, one far from the pop-cuteness of Glee. Like, really far.

She has a guest role on the final season of the hit show, Sons of Anarchy.

It will be a huge breakaway from anything she has ever done, but she is sure to make it a memorable experience, both for fans of Lea Michele and fans of the show.

SOA creator Kurt Sutter seems excited for what will come. He said of Lea Michele,

“We cast her outside the box. She plays a truck stop waitress. You know, tough, tank top, not a smidge of makeup on her. She completely embraced what the show was all about. It’s a show that people want to play different parts on.”

That is a different part for Lea Michele, indeed.

On top of all that career excitement Lea seems to have found love again with Matthew Paetz, who is a dating and lifestyle coach. The two spent some time in Italy earlier this summer and they seem to be really happy together.

In fact, Lea Michele and her beau went on a sweet hike on Saturday and romance was definitely in the air.

It seemed like she would have a hard time being in a relationship again after she dealt with the death of boyfriend Cory Monteith last year. However, Lea Michele met Paetz on the set of Lea's music video for "On My Way", and the rest is history.

It seems like everything is going well for Lea Michele. Good luck to her as she continues to move forward in her career and her life!

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