Lea Michele Might Stay On "Sons Of Anarchy"

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Lea Michele rose to fame on a show that's a million miles away from one about murderous outlaw biker gangs, but her acting skills have ensured that she can fit in on just such a show and be asked back for more scenes.

The Glee star has been busy filming scenes for the final season of Sons Of Anarchy, on which she plays a truck stop waitress, and showrunners say she's put in such a good performance that they want her for more episodes.

"We love her. We're trying to find a way to bring her back," director Paris Barclay said.

The show is going all out for the last season, bringing in rockers Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love for roles as well. Each guest star was given quite a task on the show; Manson plays a white supremacist, Love plays a preschool teacher, and MIchele had to undergo a drastic makeunder to be a realistic hash-slinger at a greasy spoon.

"It had to do with makeup and wardrobe. She looks a little bigger. We didn't pad her up but she looks a little bigger than she normally does. Lighting has to do with it, too," Barclay said.

Michele has a lot on her plate these days; not only is she tackling acting roles, she's also working on her singing career and is working on her second book. Her first book, Brunette Ambition, was a best-seller.

Sons Of Anarchy premieres on September 9.

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