Lea Michele Calls New York Her Home

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Lea Michele is a fan of big family dinners, and that's what she reportedly yearns for when life seems just a bit too crazy for her liking. The Glee star who mourned the death of boyfriend and costar Cory Monteith a year ago, lives in Los Angeles but grew up in New York. And it's New York she heads for when the going gets tough.

"A good dinner with my mom and dad and my big Italian family," she said during a recent interview. "No matter what is going on in my life or in this business, that is my home."

When asked about her fame, Lea Michele recently said she can't believe how far she's come. She admits the roots to that fame lie in New York, too. She was cast in a Broadway production at the age of eight.

"I never thought I would be on such an amazing show and living in LA, so this has so far exceeded anything I could have dreamt of," she said. "I think it teaches you not to set limits for yourself and to go 100 per cent into whatever you believe in."

Barbra Steisand--a fellow native New Yorker--is Lea Michele's role model--a rather unusual choice for such a young woman--but there's something rather classic about Lea, so why wouldn't she emulate one of the best?

"I really love her. She's always been a role model. She built her career by focusing on what makes her unique--it's how she became so successful," Lea said recently. "I want to introduce that idea to this generation--that you take what makes you unique, what makes you you, and you will achieve all your dreams. It really is what has got me to where I am today."

Where Lea Michele is today is on the hit TV show Glee. But did you know she's also an author?

Lea can also add recording artist and being a former Broadway play cast member to her impressive resume.

Yes, Lea Michele has hit some pretty serious bumps along the road of her young life, but she has bounced back. Those who admire Lea know there's way more to come. And she knows there are those huge family dinners--just waiting to make everything alright when she needs some reassurance.

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