Lauren Silverman: Simon Cowell Opens Up About Affair


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Grumpy reality show judge Simon Cowell has done a pretty good job of keeping the details of his recent love affair a secret, because once word got out that he was involved with his best friend's wife, Lauren Silverman, he's kept his mouth pretty much shut.

But now he's opening up a bit, as he spoke to the British tabloid the Mirror about the affair, and he also spoke about being a dad for the first time.

Cowell said although he's thrilled a baby came out of the relationship, he regrets how he met the mother of his child.

"I regret that part," he said. "But then of course you have a baby and you look at the baby and you kind of go, 'This is what happened from it'....It is not something I am proud of or wanted to happen in terms of hurting anyone. It just happened."

Of course this isn't the first time Cowell has been in the press for the women he's dated, as he's been in relationships with some pretty well-known folks like Terri Seymour and Jackie St. Clair, and when it comes to receiving criticism about his personal life, the 54-year-old says he has no problem with it.

Additionally, Cowell says being a dad has changed his life completely, and he alluded to the fact that his life was a bit empty before his child was born, but now it feels full and complete.

"You have to deal with it and man up to it," he said. "You have to accept the responsibility and the criticism. My life has changed, but I am probably more focused on what I am doing now than I was a year ago. Maybe because it puts things in perspective having two people in my life who I am responsible for...Now the house is full of people. It has become a home rather than a house."

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