Lauren Graham: "Parenthood" Daughter Mae Whitman To Join "Gilmore Girls" Revival

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Lauren Graham will have two daughters on Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival.

Well, Lauren Graham may not actually have two daughters on the show, but her TV daughter from Parenthood, Mae Whitman, will be joining the cast in some capacity. The rumor is, she'll be in a small cameo.

However, TV Line reports, "She shares a really fun (albeit small) moment with Graham that will delight Parenthood fans."

The new Gilmore Girls with Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and now Mae Whitman, will be run as four 90-minute mini-movies.

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Each episode will follow Lauren Graham and her co-stars for a season (summer, winter, etc.) and will take place eight years after the ending of the original Gilmore Girls.

One notable absence from the show will be Melissa McCarthy who played the amazing Sookie St. James.

While she will miss teaming up with Lauren Graham and the others, she said she will gladly binge on the new Gilmore Girls.

She said recently, “I didn't actually get asked to do it. But I think they thought I was busy, and then by the time it did come up, then I actually was.”

She added, “I loved that show, and I think the fans for that show are super loyal and great, and I will watch every single one of [the episodes].”

Are you excited to see Lauren Graham and her girls in action again?

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