Lauren Conrad Sports Unibrow with Kristin Ess

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Lauren Conrad, fashion designer, was caught on Instagram with Kristin Ess, founder of The Beauty Department, showing off the latest fashion: a unibrow.

MTV quoted Conrad in an Allure interview: "I can't remember the last time I didn't have extensions. Extensions are great. And they've come so far in the last few years." MTV's Caitlin Morton went on to say "We read that and naturally assumed she was just talking about, y'know, the gorgeous hair on her head. But apparently Lauren likes her fake tresses to be pretty AND multifunctional...namely, doubling as makeshift unibrows."

Among her praise for hair extensions were tips on how to live with a significant other. "Your bed is for sleep and sex," Conrad told Allure in the interview on her attempts to break her habit of working in bed. "If it was up to me, my home would be just over-the-top girlie and vintage," she said, "but I share my home with a gentleman now." She went on to explain the necessity of having her own room.

Only a little while later, the world saw the fashion diva and Kristin Ess with a unibrow:

People magazine reported that Conrad said she hasn't let Ess, "cut my hair in, like, years. Last time she cut my hair, I had dyed it pink with permanent dye and I dipped it and I gotten some too far up, so she had to cut it out. She held it up and was like, ‘Here?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I think so.’ And she just chopped it.” To solve this problem she said “I think you can always throw extensions in and have long hair. There are options.” One of those options is putting on a unibrow.

Twitter was filled with those who took the opportunity to comment on the photo. The reactions ranged from those who were disgusted:


And excited:

Image via Kristin Ess, Instagram

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