Lauren Conrad Reveals Favorite "Position"


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Lauren Conrad is a true lady. The 28-year-old first started on on Laguna Beach, quickly morphing into a fashion designer, blogger, best-selling author and a natural role-model. Through all of her adventures, LC has seemingly remained true to herself.

During an appearance on Sway Calloway's Sway in the Morning, Conrad's ladylike poise was tested.
She quickly replied to all of the interview questions, but somewhat struggled when a certain personal question was asked.

Sway not only conducted his own interview, he had the beautiful star grab answer three questions from the “mystery sack."

The first question she pulled out asked, “have you ever slept with a celebrity?”
Conrad paused then said with a tiny smile, “yeah.”

The second question read, “Has someone of the same sex ever tried to come on to you?”
Conrad nodded yet again and said, “yes. I think that’s a really nice compliment though.”

The questions didn't seem to bother Conrad until the final question was pulled.

The third question was pulled and asked, “What’s your favorite position?”

This is where the blonde started to squirm. She paused then smiled, totally keeping her cool like the true lady that she is.

"CEO?" the former MTV VJ replied back. "I like that! High-five! CEO. That was dope." The two gave each other a high-five as Conrad laughed.

Conrad was also asked questions by callers. Someone of course asked about the reality show that made her famous.

When asked by a caller if she still stays in touch with her Laguna Beach friends she said, “I mostly seem them around holidays when we’re all home, staying with our parents.”

Way to go LC!

Image Via YouTube