Lauren Bushnell And Ben Higgins Plan For New Life Together, Work Through Issues From "The Bachelor"

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Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins are getting ready to start a new life together.

Lauren Bushnell is pulling up her roots and moving to Denver to live with Ben and plan a wedding.

In addition to a wedding, Lauren Bushnell and her fiance are looking forward to the normal stuff.

Lauren Bushnell said, "I'm just excited to go grocery shopping together."

Higgins added, "I want to hold her hand in public. And I'm excited to work on our house together."



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Lauren Bushnell could have married Ben Higgins almost immediately after The Bachelor finale, but he declined the offer.

His reason? The party.

He said, "I want a huge reception. How often in life do all your friends and family gather in one room to celebrate something? Why get married tomorrow if we can plan a big-ass party?"

However, as much fun as Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins are having while planning their future, they are also working through some issues in their past.

We are so tired!! Such a fun day. Thanks for all the LOVE!!!

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For one big thing, Lauren Bushnell is dealing with the fact that Ben also professed twue wuv for JoJo Fletcher during the production of The Bachelor.

Lauren Bushnell described that moment as simply "hurtful."

She added, "This whole thing has been an emotional roller coaster. As these episodes are airing, and you're reliving it, you're reliving those emotions."

Lauren Bushnell revealed that there have been several long talks that aren't always comfortable.

She said, "There's been times where I've felt angry or sad or confused but I've never been in his shoes before. So a lot of discussions...haven't necessarily been fun but they've been really good for our relationship."

What do you think of the couple that is Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins? Will they make it?

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