Laura Prepon: OITNB Not Canceled

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Laura Prepon has really been run through the rumor mill this week. First, the That 70's Show cutie has been married off in the presses because she was caught trying on a white Isabelle Armstrong Haute Couture evening dress at Bergdorf Goodman on Tuesday.

Turned out the fuss was over nothing, as she was getting set to host Bella Magazine’s All-White Party in the Hamptons on July 26th. Well, I'm sure the dress looked fabulous anyway.

Just as that story was put to rest, another blossomed about Laura Prepon's show, Orange Is The New Black. Someone spread a rumor that the incredibly popular Netflix series had been canceled.

The announcement appeared in an article that also gave the reason for the show's supposed cancellation, which is a little shocking (and almost unbelievable).

Allegedly, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings said that the show didn't portray women as they should be.

“A woman’s place is in the home, in the kitchen, taking care of children. A woman in jail? How does anyone even watch this show in the first place? It’s like we took everything bad about OZ and make [sic] this show with the leftovers.”

I don't know, that just doesn't sound like a statement a person, who wants to keep his job and his money, would say. Those feelings are pretty accurate since those rumors have been dispelled. Orange is the New Black will indeed return for a third season.

And the show will feature a lot more Laura Prepon, which is fine with her! She absolutely loves doing it.

"Alex is one of my favorite characters I've ever played. She's so cool, she's such a badass, but you also see these extremely vulnerable sides to her. She's a very complex character to play, which is amazing for me." Laura Prepon said.

She loves the people she works with, too. And as well all know, that can make or break a job.

"This cast (of OITNB) is amazing. I've never worked with such a great group of talented actresses. It's been such a wonderful experience," Laura Prepon said of the cast.

Congrats to Laura Prepon on a continued run with Orange is the New Black!

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