Laura Carmichael: Next Project An Exact Departure From Lady Edith

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Laura Carmichael is moving on now that her Downton Abbey days are over.

For Laura Carmichael, it was the stage that called next.

Laura Carmichael will be starring in a play called The Maids. While the premise might seem similar, it is anything but.

The play is about two maids, played by Zawe Ashton and Uzo Aduba, who fantasize about killing their mistress, played by Laura Carmichael. It is said to be a very thorough examination of sex and class.

More tickets for The Maids released today! (Link in bio) & HAPPY Birthday dearest mega babe @uzoaduba !! x

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Laura Carmichael is not only excited about the play itself, but also the political message contained within.

She said, "There are some extraordinary statistics about there being more live-in maids now in London than there have ever been before, so it’s not that you can watch it and think what an old-fashioned or archaic idea this is, it is definitely happening now."

Laura Carmichael has always been outspoken about social inequalities.

For instance, when the Academy Awards racial fiasco happened last month, Laura Carmichael was quick to speak out.

She said, "I think it was a really disappointing reflection. I think the Oscars is a sort of mad gang. The thing that surprises me is that I do think audiences really want to see a better reflection of the world that we live in and I think someone somewhere is frightened of changing what's been the case for a long time."

Last week at the Emmys with dream date Jim Carter.

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She added, "We should be making art that is reflective of the society we live in and we're not."

What do you think about Laura Carmichael's racy new role?

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