Latest DayZ Update Includes a Fashion Show

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The last developer update on the upcoming standalone version of DayZ included just about everything fans of the game could want to know. Dean "Rocket" Hall revealed that many of the proposed overhauls are complete and that others are being worked on.

What the last update did not include, however, was a video of gameplay. This week's update on the DayZ Tumblr blog has corrected that oversight.

The first DayZ standalone video blog includes a look at configuration options, map improvements, and new areas, including swamps, an expanded military base, and an all-new island. There is also a long section that gives a basic overview of the new clothing available in the game.

New loot spawn mechanics are also detailed in the video. Instead of piles of a few objects sitting on floors, loot can now be found on the tops of tables or other surfaces, as well as underneath objects or hidden away in hard-to-find locations. Unfortunately, the re-vamped inventory system is meticulously edited out of the video.

In addition to the video blog update, Rocket mentioned that closed, internal beta testing has uncovered many bugs, and closed, external beta testing still has not commenced. He provided no date for when external testing may occur, but did promise to provide regular updates on the title's progress.

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