Last Minute Gifts for the Frugal Holiday Shopper

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Christmas is fast approaching and I’m sure a lot of you didn’t take advantage of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping craze.

Hey, I understand that things happen and you couldn’t find the time or money to go holiday shopping. Well, for all of you who are slackers, here are five ideas of last minute gifts that would surely save the day and your wallet.

  1. Gift Cards-This is one of the most obvious gifts, of course. Plus, it’s allows your gift recipient to use the card on any purchase from the associated store. Amazon’s gift cards are some of the most popular and easiest options available online. Also, if you’re looking to give your recipient a little bit more free will, look into the Visa gift card provided at stores like Walgreens.
  2. Flowers-This is a very endearing gift usually for a special someone. Although sending flowers are customarily intended for someone’s Birthday, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, it could also be a perfect gift to receive on Christmas day. It’s a way of saying “I’m thinking of you even during the holidays.” I’m sure you would touch the heart of the person who receives this kind gesture.
  3. Baked Goodies-Who doesn’t like to be treated to some homemade Christmas cookies? Whether it's brownies, a pie or cake, you could place the treats in a cute woven basket dressed in a red holiday bow and present it as a thoughtful yummy gift.
  4. Stocking Essentials-You could either buy a new stocking or recycle one of your own and stuff it with basic necessities you assume the person needs. This could include: soap, facial tissue, hand sanitizer, socks, etc. The possibilities are limitless.
  5. Christmas Cards-Although this sounds like a lazy way out, a lot of people really do enjoy the thought that people put into buying them the perfect card. No matter if it comes from the Dollar Tree or Hallmark, you could include money, a cute note or even one of those Amazon gift cards!

Here are a few online stores specializing in other last minute shopping ideas:

As long as you’re not waiting until Christmas day to finally get your gifts together, being a last minute person has its perks.

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