Lark Voorhies Says She Did Not Consent To Alleged Sex Tape

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Lark Voorhies is best known for her days on the early '90s television show Saved By The Bell, where she played fashion plate Lisa Turtle. However, these days she prefers to fly under the Hollywood radar and hasn't been in the spotlight much outside of a few stories in recent years regarding the possibility that she was battling bipolar disorder. Now, though, she's responding to her ex's threats to release a sex tape following their split, saying she was never aware of any recording being made.

Lark told People in a statement that she wishes Jimmy Green nothing but good things, but that could change if he follows through on his threats.

"There were irreconcilable differences that we could not overcome. I wish him the best and look forward to moving on with my life. As far as a sex tape I am not aware of nor have I consented to any sex tape or nude recordings," Lark Voorhies said.

Voorhies reportedly met Green on Facebook last year and the two just married in April, but the problems were there almost from the beginning; Lark's mom, Patricia, filed a restraining order against him in June after an argument led to him flashing "gang signs" at her.

"They can remain friends, but it's best they sever their marriage ties. Lark is ready to move forward with her life and wishes him well with his life," Patricia said.

Meanwhile, Green is insisting that Lark was well aware that she was being recorded and is reportedly shopping the tape around to various media outlets to try and find a high bidder. Voorhies has not commented further on their relationship, or why she filed for divorce after just six months of marriage, other than to say that there were "irreconcilable differences".

Amanda Crum
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