Lara Logan Returns to Work at '60 Minutes'

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Lara Logan is back to work on 60 Minutes after being forced to take a leave of absence in November 2013.

Logan received the suspension after her report about the controversial events that occurred in Benghazi aired. The news reporter relied heavily on the account of Dylan Davies, a security contractor who said he was at the scene of the raid. Turns out Davies lied repeatedly and his story – just like Logan’s reputation – crumbled.

CBS launched an internal review of Logan and 60 Minutes and determined that the reporter and her colleagues should have done a better job of checking Davies and his story before the piece went on air. The review also stated that a speech Logan made in her report that urged the U.S. to take action in response to the Benghazi raid presented a conflict of interest for a reporter later doing a report on the incident.

Logan gave an apology and CBS issued a correction, but Logan was still given the temporary boot, until now.

Watch Logan's apology, here:

The infamous report raised questions about Logan’s ties to the military and her increasingly opinionated views on foreign policy.

CBS has not stated how much free reign Logan will have now that she’s back, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be gracing the screens of viewers anytime soon, as 60 Minutes is about to take its summer break.

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