Lamar Odom Reportedly Proposed to Khloe Kardashian Again--What Was Her Response?

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Lamar Odom reportedly proposed to Khloe Kardashian recently, indicating he wants to renew their marriage that nearly ended before his accidental overdose in October.

A source recently told Life & Style magazine that Lamar wants to renew their wedding vows.

“Lamar recently proposed again, saying they should have a marriage vow renewal,” the source said. “Khloe said no. [She] just can’t forget that Lamar cheated on her throughout their relationship. Khloe plans to reactivate the divorce and then find the right, trustworthy man to marry.”

Khloe is said to be very happy about having Lamar Odom back in her life, but not in the role of a husband.

"She loves to see the underdog fight his way back to a big victory and that’s exactly what Lamar’s done," the source adds.

Unfortunately, that's not enough for her to take Lamar Odom back.

Lamar Odom now believes if he creates a dramatic, romantic proposal on the set of Khloe's new talk show, Kocktails With Khloe, that she won't turn him down.

“He thinks it would be the perfect venue for him to get down on one knee and ask Khloe to be with him romantically once again. He knows she’d say yes,” the source said. “He understands that when he puts her on the spot, her true feelings of love and sex appeal for him will always reveal itself.”

Don't you imagine that no means no? If Lamar Odom proposes to Khloe on the set of her show, he could be in for a huge disappointment.

Of course producers would have to clear such an event with Khloe before Lamar Odom would even be allowed on set, so it isn't likely to happen--unless the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has a change of heart and gives her go-ahead..

Do you think Khloe will eventually change her mind, or are she and Lamar Odom destined for divorce in the very near future?

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