Lamar Odom Ready to Sign Khloe's Divorce, But Has His Fingers Crossed

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The toughest thing about keeping up with the Kardashians is that one keeps getting conflicting reports. If something doesn’t happen directly on one of the KUWTK episodes, or if it isn’t commented on directly by one of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, you can never be too sure if it’s the straight dope or not. There are always “inside sources” or “friends of the family” twittering around with bits of news to sell to some tabloid. Maybe it’s the real deal, maybe not.

Just ask poor Bruce Jenner. If these inside sources are to be believed, the Olympic decathlon champion and father is two cocktails away from an appointment with a gender reassignment surgeon. He’s getting his Adam’s apple shaved, growing out a ponytail — which must mean “sex change.” Sure.

Or how about the saga that is Khloe and Lamar Odom? Just a few weeks back, “inside sources” were saying that Khloe couldn’t get Lamar to let her out of their marriage.

“Khloé can't even get in touch with him right now. He refuses to sign the divorce papers,” they said.

“Lamar wants Khloe back," they said. "He does not want to end the marriage, and that’s why he won’t sign the divorce papers. He just won’t let her go. He’s sober and back on track now — and thinks he can get her back.”

But now another “inside source” has popped up to tell us the opposite.

"He's not hiding from Khloe," they said. "She could make it official today. All she has to do is tell him and he will make it happen. But that conversation ain’t happened. Khloe knows where he is. She just hasn't made a move or told him flat out what she wants to do. Lamar wants her with him but only if she wants to be. It's got to be mutual. If not, he's cool with letting her go for good."

And how about the insider who told us that Khloe and Lamar talk all the time? In fact, she just called him for his birthday.

“They always talk, and Lamar’s birthday was no different," they said. "They didn’t talk about her boyfriend. It was a very brief, ‘Hello, happy birthday’ conversation because she was on the run.”

And what about French Montana? Khloe herself isn’t helping matters in figuring that out.

“We’re hanging out,” she says of her relationship with French. "I don’t think there’s a title on anything.”

She said that people keep asking about the “status” of their relationship but, “I don’t know what to say any more, because people go up and down in relationships. Sometimes you’re there and sometimes you're not."

Well, I’m glad she cleared that up.

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