Lamar Odom: Khloe Karashian Still in Love With Him

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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian reportedly aren't in touch with one another these days, despite recent rumors that they've been meeting in secret at an L.A. hotel. Still the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star admits she's still in love with Lamar--obsessed by him, too.

"I will never ever not love Lamar," Khloe said during a recent interview with E! News. "I was so obsessed with him in a healthy way. He was my husband, and I still wish he was, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

Khloe even admitted she wishes things were different between her and Lamar Odom.

"There's nothing I can do," she said. "Lamar has to do things in order to change in that aspect, but yeah, if I had my way I'd be married to Lamar in two seconds."

So how do you suppose French Montana feels hearing Khloe Kardashian still loves Lamar Odom and wishes things had worked out for the two? Does that leave him feeling like he's playing second fiddle?

Worse still, Khloe says she doesn't want to settle down with French Montana.

"I love French. He's an awesome guy," she said. "We are on-again, off-again...but I don't want to be too labeled to anyone right now."

French Montana must really feel like he just doesn't live up to Lamar Odom--at least not in Khloe Kardashian's eyes. That can't feel particularly good.

At least Khloe realizes that she and Lamar Odom can't be together--in spite of her love for him. And she's not willing to settle for anything that doesn't live up to her idea of true love.

Are you surprised to hear Khloe Kardashian speak so candidly with regard to her feelings for Lamar Odom?

It looks like Kris Jenner won't get her wish after all. She has long hoped for Khloe and Lamar to reconcile.

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