Lamar Odom: Is Khloe Kardashian Cutting Him Loose?

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Lamar Odom has had Khloe Kardashian by his side since he accidentally overdosed in a Nevada brothel in October, but now it sounds like her support might be coming to an end.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Khloe may be ready to cut Lamar Odom loose.

“It’s a delicate situation, because Lamar’s so sensitive and there’s no easy way for Khloe to tell him she’s not coming back [as his wife],” a source tells the publication.

“She’s finding the whole strain of running his finances and medical planning way too much to bear, since so much of her own life has had to go on hold," the source adds.

Khloe is apparently having a tough time trying to determine how much of her life she should sacrifice to help Lamar Odom. Friends are concerned that she is drinking too much in an effort to numb her pain.

It sounds like Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend James Harden is starting to lose patience with the amount of time she is spending with Lamar.

“He has been a saint, but he’s getting extremely frustrated at still playing second fiddle to Lamar,” the source says. “That’s why Khloe’s had to start the withdrawal process--she’s terrified of driving James any further away.”

Certainly it's understandable that James Harden would start to lose patience. Khloe has spent an unfathomable number of hours with Lamar Odom since October, and--by comparison--very few hours with him.

Is it time for Khloe to once again file for divorce from Lamar Odom or might that cause him to lose any fight he has in him to get better?

Maybe Khloe should instead wean herself from spending time at Lamar Odom's bedside instead, so he can get used to spending more time without her.

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