Lamar Odom: Did Khloe Leave French For Lamar?


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Will things ever be settled between Khloe and Lamar? It seems like neither one of them can decide if they want to be together or not. Khloe has said that she is not willing to give Lamar another chance, but she also doesn’t appear to be happy without him.

Lamar has been trying to get Khloe back but has also said that he will not chase her forever.

Khloe and French Montana tried to give their relationship a second try, but they recently broke up and rumor has it, it has something to do with Khloe’s feelings for Lamar.

"Khloe wasn't ready after Lamar and it was getting too serious.She respects and care for him but just wasn't ready," a source told Us Weekly.

Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar last December and has been debating on whether or not she should finalize things or give their marriage one more try.

Lamar has been hoping Khloe will reconsider the divorce but it seems like the two of them are playing games with each other instead of just talking about the issue.

Khloe made a recent Instagram post that Lamar believes is about him.


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"Lamar wants to be with her. These next ten days will tell the story of Khloe and Lamar. He knows what December 13 is all about. He's not stupid. Hopefully, Khloe will give him one more chance to love her. He's ready to love her. And he wants to make her realize he's the only man who can make her happy and replace 'almost' with 'finally,'" said another source to Hollywood Life.

Khloe has made a lot of posts about love and her feelings, but she never shares who the quotes are about.

It won’t be long before Khloe and Lamar have to make a decision about their relationship and whether or not they will finalize the divorce or give it one more shot.