Lamar Is Working Hard To Get Khloe Back


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Khloe and Lamar seemed to have an amazing marriage that ended with a messy divorce. Both Khloe and Lamar were upset about the way things turned out and have openly admitted that they wish it could have been different.

After filing for divorce Khloe began dating the rapper French Montana and really seemed to be enjoying his company. Lamar didn't rush into another relationship, but instead focused on his drug and alcohol abuse problems and getting healthy.

When Khloe and French broke up, Lamar saw a chance to make a move again and hoped that since he was a changed man, Khloe would be willing to take him back.

While sources close to Khloe claimed that she has been talking a lot about Lamar and wanting to give him another chance, she has been hesitant to take him back.

A source close to Lamar told Reality TV Magazine that he has not given up and still sends Khloe flowers all the time, hoping to win her back and show her how much he has changed.

"He sends her favorite flowers all the time just to make her smile," the source said.

Lamar knows that if he wants to win Khloe back he also has to win back her mother Kris and the rest of the family, who aren't too happy about the way he treated Khloe towards the end of their marriage.

The source said that Lamar also frequently sends Kris flowers as well, hoping she will forgive him and help him win back his estranged wife.

"Kris has always held a special place in her heart for Lamar, so when he reached out to apologise to her too, she was like putty in his hands. Lamar knows that even if he earns Khloé's trust back, it's her mom who makes all the family decisions. He's thrilled they're talking again," the source added.

Do you think Khloe and Lamar will get back together?