Lady Gaga Surprisingly Tame at New York Show

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Lady Gaga kicked off her 7-show residency at the famed Roseland Ballroom in New York last week, and her first performance was deemed tame for the woman who once dressed in meat and recently invited a vomit artist to perform on stage during one of her concerts. When Gaga performs the last of her 7 shows on Monday, the ballroom will close for good.

Fans clamored to get tickets to the sold out show. Her 'Little Monsters,' as she refers to them, came dressed in some unusual outfits in celebration of the pop singer, who typically is pretty outlandish herself. During the opening show, however, none of that really proved true. Sure, she donned a tall, 30-pound wig and was rather scantily clad, but she never reached that expected level of intrigue by going over that proverbial top.

Lady Gaga's voice was said to be incredible, and she sang an acoustic version of You and I, that was deemed flawless. Her acoustic version of Born This Way was performed while seemingly playing the role of a sultry cabaret singer. At one point she climbed a ladder so she could sing to fans in the mezzanine section of the ballroom. She also posed for pictures and allowed fans to take selfies.

Lady Gaga smelled the unmistakable scent of marijuana toward the end of her hour long show, and she told the audience they could do whatever they wanted because the ballroom would be closing soon. That likely resulted in a few cheers. Still when the evening ended those who were accustomed to or expected her over the top performances left feeling like they had missed out on something--most likely the real Lady Gaga.

Why do you suppose the ArtPop singer was so subdued? Might she be thinking of turning over a new leaf and wowing her audiences simply with her voice and not the often questionable theatrics that have long accompanied her shows?

She no doubt has the talent--and the volume of fans--to do exactly that.

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