Ladies, You Can Resume Hanging Your Bras at Milwaukee's Holler House

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There's a tradition at a Milwaukee tavern/two-lane bowling alley called the Holler House where first-time female patrons remove their bra, sign it, and hang them from the rafters, which sounds like something I would support wholeheartedly. Apparently, others do too, because according to Marcy Skowronski, the 87-year-old owner of the establishment, the tradition has been going on from decades. The Holler House is famous enough to have its own Wikipedia page, which indicates the bar's bra collection exceeds 1000 pairs.

There's even a quaint documentary-style video showing off some of the collection:

Anyway, this fun tradition was temporarily impeded by a killjoy of a city inspector, who deemed the rainbow of padded breast support adorning the Holler House's rafters was, indeed, a fire hazard and ordered the decorations to be removed. Naturally, the reaction to such an unhappy decision was swift. After getting rebuffed by her local city hall, owner Skowronski changed tactics:

Skowronski did what any woman having trouble over bras would do-- she called in more support. Alderman Bob Donovan heard Skowronski's plea, strapped in for a fight, and called the media. Then under an increasing inferno of scrutiny, DNS decided that burning bras are a subject best left in the 1960's. Donovan repeated to us what DNS told him over the phone: "we looked into this, and we're going to rescind the order."

Skowronski was thrilled to hear the news, and started planning a bra re-hanging party.

So what started out as a potential downer will, in all likelihood, end up as a business boon for the establishment, thanks the owner's wise decision to plan an event around the bras and their reintroduction to the Holler House's rafters.

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