Lacey Chabert Strips Down, Talks "Mean Girls"

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Lacey Chabert was just 12 when she won the role that launched her career and put her in the living rooms of millions; now, the 31-year old former "Party Of Five" star is proving she's all grown up.

Chabert is the cover girl for the November issue of Maxim Magazine, showing off her trim physique in a bra and silk shorts. In the interview, she talks about how she managed to avoid the trappings of success at a young age and dishes about one of her most famous roles.

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"Look, life is tough, and growing up in this business is especially tough," she said. "I really can't take any credit other than saying I grew up in a really protective family. Also, I want a long-lasting career, so you're not gonna find me doing anything scandalous anytime soon."

As Gretchen Weiners in 2004's "Mean Girls", Chabert portrayed the type of girl who loved to please and was eager to be accepted, even if it meant a little backstabbing was in order. In real life, Chabert says that was never a path she went down, but she understands that the movie touched a chord in so many people now that they're still tweeting her quotes from it nearly a decade later.

"People tweet me all the time, 'Are you still trying to make fetch happen?'" she said. "I never thought people would still be quoting Mean Girls 10 years later."

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