LA Airport Shooting Suspect Denied Bail


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On Wednesday morning, U.S. Magistrate Judge David Bristow ordered Paul Ciancia, the man who killed one TSA agent and wounded two others at the Los Angeles airport, detained until his next court hearing on December 18 due to the flight risk and danger he posed to the community writ large.

The court appearance for Ciancia was a standard procedure to inform Ciancia of the charges that had been brought against him, to ensure he knew his rights, and to check if Ciancia had acquired an attorney. Ciancia will not enter a plea for the charges until his arraignment hearing on December 26.

The shooting at LAX occurred on November 1. That Friday morning, Ciancia walked into Terminal 3, pulled a semi-automatic rifle from a bag, and opened fire against the TSA agents. Luckily, airport officers responded timely and were able to take Ciancia down after an exchange of gunfire, leaving Ciancia with wounds to the face and leg. Reports after the incident cited that Ciancia had notes in his bag voicing his hatred of the TSA and support for a new world order, along with enough ammo to kill everyone in Terminal 3.

Many people paid particular attention to Ciancia's appearance in court Wednesday due to the injuries he sustained in the shooting. Despite the fact that Ciancia was shot in the head, he appeared to be in good health, with the only signs of his injuries being a tracheostomy to help Ciancia breathe and his hoarse voice when answering questions.

At his arraignment hearing, Ciancia will face charges representative of domestic terrorism, such as murdering a federal officer and inciting violence at an airport. If found guilty, Ciancia will potentially receive the death penalty for his actions.

The death of Gerardo Hernandez marks the first death of a TSA officer since the organization was created following the events of September 11.

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