Kyra Sedgwick Speaks Out Against Bernie Madoff

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Kyra Sedgwick is angry. The star of the popular television series "The Closer", as well as the co-star of several major Hollywood, watched helplessly as her husband, actor Kevin Bacon, lost a remarkable amount of money to convicted conman Bernie Madoff. The Ponzi scheme robbed Bacon of quite a bit of cash, which has understandably irritated his wife. Big time. However, during a recent interview with Piers Morgan, the "Something to Talk About" star explained how she's attempted to keep the whole ordeal in perspective.

"I see him (Madoff) as a sick man. And I see us as adults who made a choice. And I see a lot of people who are so much worse off than we are, and I think that s**t happens," Sedgwick explained.

In addition to Bacon, Madoff snatched large sums of money from other notable celebrities, as well. Counted amongst the con artist's victims are filmmaker Steven Spielberg, actor John Malkovich, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Larry King. If you're curious to see just how many people Madoff managed to swindle out of their cash, take a look at the complete list of victims. If nothing else, the guy was certainly prolific.

Although Sedgwick has every right to be angry about the situation, she has kept a fairly level head regarding Madoff's antics. When Morgan asked if Sedgwick would plant a bullet in his skull if given half the chance, the actress provided an insightful alternative. "He has a horrible life at this point. I think you (the media) hate him more than we do."

In 2009, Bernie Madoff pled guilty to 11 charges of fraud, including securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, making false statements, perjury, theft from an employee benefit plan, and making false filings with the SEC. Over several years, Madoff manage to swindle $65 billion from his clients in what many have labeled the largest Ponzi scheme in history. He's currently serving a 150-year prison sentence.

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