Kylie Minogue Takes To Twitter Over Label Rumors

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Kylie Minogue is as susceptible to the rumor mill as anyone else, and this time around the story is about a feud between the singer and her record label. Minogue took some time to address the story on Monday, taking to Twitter to set the record straight.

Minogue's latest album, Kiss Me Once, reportedly fell short in sales in the UK, with numbers in the 60,000 range. She has been with label Parlophone for the last 15 years, however, and said she has no plans to leave them anytime soon and, in fact, is seeing a huge surge in ticket sales for her Kiss Me Once World Tour, which will begin in the fall. The rumor reportedly started with an unnamed source at The Sun.

After coming off a rough breakup from longtime boyfriend Andres Velencoso, Minogue says she is glad for the distractions that being busy with a new album and tour can bring.

"It's not that long ago. I'm past the crying every night stage. Thankfully Andres and I are still in touch. Obviously, not like we used to be. He's a great guy and that's important. I'm enjoying that I'm so distracted. I'm not sitting at home pining," she said.

The Aussie pop star has a separate record deal in Australia with Mushroom/Warner Music; that company issued a statement this week saying she is still signed with them, as well, so as not to create any confusion.

"Kylie's record deal locally is with Mushroom/Warner Music. We are proud to represent her and don't plan to change that!" a spokesperson said.

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